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Summary: What is MaxDrive Reloaded?

I’m pretty sure most of you if not all of you know what a cloud service is. Imagine using a cloud service that offers you to Store, Manage And Deliver Unlimited Files, Website Images, PDFs, Audios and Videos At Lightning Fast SPEED. That is exactly what MaxDrive Reloaded by DotcomPal will be able to do for your business. Furthermore, the best part is that these features will SUPERCHARGE your websites, lead pages, training & client projects in 3 Simple Steps. Regardless whether you’re a beginner or pro, this software is good for you.


Captivate your audience with your media
content in 3 easy steps…:-

  1. Upload (Your Files With Our Drag And Drop System)
  2. Copy A Simple Line Of Code
  3. Share, Publish & Profit


End Goal with MaxDrive Reloaded:

Enhance your conversions and Supercharge your website by making your websites LOAD FASTER and deliver all your media without sacrificing load times at an extremely affordable price – ONE TIME PAYMENT ONLY through this limited time launch

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Normally $197

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Why use MaxDrive Reloaded instead of others?

Regardless of What You Might Think,
Not All Cloud Services Are Created Equal.

Let Me Explain,

I don’t care what ANYONE says.. Heres why:



1. There are many old school cloud services you should avoid because they don’t optimize your content at all.

This is necessary if you want to succeed. It needs to be optimized for multiple devices as well as internet speed for faster delivery. So when this doesn’t happen, your media loads slow which winds up causing slow loading websites & landing pages.

The end results. Your visitors leave your website immediately. Furthermore, you lose a lot of traffic, sales, and hard-earned money with increased bounced rate as well as a poor search engine ranking.

2. And if you are thinking of Amazon clouds, VPS & shared hosting services then think again.

Firstly, they are technically difficult to use. You need to be extremely technical savvy if you ever want to use their service. But even with, you’re still not getting optimization of your files. They are simply built to store your files. This doesn’t include any performance boost for you, so your files load with delays and buffering.

3. Now you’re probably thinking, “why not to consider FREE services like YouTube or Cloud storage services?”

The answer is simple. See, FREE cloud storage services have very limited features and come with tons of restrictions.And YouTube videos are full of distracting ads that can turn your viewers off while making you look unprofessional. Not to mention, it also massively lowers your engagement.

You also don’t have 100% control of your videos and channel as your accounts can be suspended at anytime without even any prior notice. Maybe you have heard those horrible stories on the Internet about account closures of many famous marketers. That sucks.

4. And finally, recurring options just suck your wallet dry without all necessary features included.

Even if you did purchase access to a cloud storage service, you wouldn’t even get all the necessary features. That’s why you have to purchase multiple apps. It’s because you’re trying to piece together the perfect system for all your media, but you only wind up throwing money down the toilet.Because $19.99 here and $29.99 there adds up. That’s anywhere from potentially $200 to $500 a year and you’re still not going to get everything included with what we’re offering you today.

Of course, you could always waste money paying for multiple expensive monthly option who charge HUGE fees month after month. But even then, after spending so much time and money, there is absolutely no guarantee that you will make profits or get desired ROI out of it.

However, with this software you can get the power of all the apps you normally pay for combined into one for a small one-time investment.

Especially if you want to optimise FAST AND for the LONG-TERM!

About Creator

Two men behind this product are Dr. Amit Pareek and his partner Er. Asha Kumar. Both of them have more than 10 years of experience in the marketing field.

They have served many happy customers, over 10,000 people through previous product launches such as Trenzy & MaxFunnels.

Now, let’s look at the next part of this MaxDrive Reloaded Review and find out its features.

MAIN FEATURES of MaxDrive Reloaded

  • Store Unlimited Images, Videos, Audios, PDFs and Documents
  • Impress Your Customers with Lightning Fast Trainings
  • Get FREE Hosting (Upto 50 GB bandwidth)
  • Manage & Share Multiple Files & Folders Effortlessly
  • Single Dashboard To Manage All Files Easily
  • Inbuilt Fast & Elegant Video Player to preview your videos online
  • Precise Analysis for Your Shared Files
  • Store & Manage Video Training, Website Images, PDFs, Docs, Audios or Any File.
  • Supercharge Your Websites, Landing Pages, Training & Client Projects By Delivering Images & Files At Lightning Fast Speed
  • Accurate Analysis to Know Your User Engagement On Your Files & Folders
  • Publish Training, Files & Folders On Engaging Doc Sharing Channels – Those Have Protected, Elegant & SEO Optimized Sharing Pages
  • HDR Support
  • Full Text Search And Filters To Locate Files Instantly
  • Add Videos in MP4 format
  • Toddler-Friendly Easy to Use Dashboard
  • 100% Newbie friendly
  • 100% Mobile Responsive File Share Page
  • HLS player- Optimized to Work On All Devices
  • Plus free commercial licence when you get started today
  • 50+ More Cool Features Included
  • Preview and Download Files Easily
  • Elegant & SEO Optimized Sharing Pages
  • 100% Mobile Responsive File Share Page
  • Capture Unlimited Leads & Unlimited Audience from Share Pages
  • A-Z Complete Video Training
  • Super-Fast Delivery (After All, Time Is Money!). No Delay. No Waiting Time.
  • Online back-up & 30 Days File Recovery
  • Unbreakable File Security with SSL & OTP Enabled Login
  • Deliver Files at Lightning Fast Speed with Fast CDNs


Sound’s amazing right? Here is what’s even better with this one time price during launch. You’ll be getting FREE hosting up to 50 GB bandwidth per month for the next 5 years! Plus MaxDrive Reloaded is fully cloud based and it’s available across all your phones, tablets, computers, laptops and etc. Updating files from whichever device will automatically sync across all devices with ease. You won’t have to download anything at all because MaxDrive Reloaded is 100% web-based and it loads superfast across all browsers and devices.

There will be a million possibilities you can do and make money with MaxDrive Reloaded.

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Normally $197

Get MaxDrive Reloaded now for a LOW ONE-TIME PRICE No Monthly Fee for


How does MaxDrive Reloaded actually work?

Just watch this full Demo Video

MaxDrive Reloaded Also Works Seamlessly With ANY Website, Landing Page, Blog, Ecom Site, Membership Site or Mobile Apps Including

Lets be legit here: Is this worth getting though?

Honestly, let me ask you what’s the most important thing when it comes to your website? Obviously CONVERSIONS! Research has proven that Page load & file delivery speeds can impact heavily on your brand reputation, engagement and conversion levels. Quick delivery is the most important prerequisite for every successful marketer today. With our fast CDN’s, sharing your media content becomes quicker, easier & FAST with low latency and high transfer speeds.

I was able to beta test MaxDrive Reloaded and trust me, I’m truly astonished with its capabilities. Now I too can save my personal & business files with complete security and it’s a great that it integrates with my computer so seamlessly that I can use my files from anywhere anytime.

  • Store, manage and share UNLIMITED files for 1-time price? DONE!
  • Capture UNLIMITED leads & audience? DONE!
  • Deliver files at LIGHTNING FAST speed with fast CDNs? DONE!
  • Single dashboard to manage all files EASILY? DONE!
  • No prior tech skills and hosting charges? That’s DONE as well!

MaxDrive Reloaded Is Packed with GROUND – BREAKING Features That Makes It A Cut Above The Rest

  • Store & Manage Video Training, Website Images, PDFs, Docs, Audios or Any File.
  • Supercharge Your Websites, Landing Pages, Training & Client Projects By Delivering Images & Files At Lightning Fast Speed
  • Accurate Analysis to Know Your User Engagement On Your Files & Folders
  • Publish Training, Files & Folders On Engaging Doc Sharing Channels – Those Have Protected, Elegant & SEO Optimized Sharing Pages

At this point im sure you’re convinced how important it is to supercharge your website to get more sales, leads & customer satisfaction with MaxDrive Reloaded. 

till now MaxDrive has happily served…

  • 38.3 Million No. of File Views/Downloads
  • 7532 Total Businesses Created
  • 60,226 No. Of Files Hosted
  • 1,685,839 No. Of Video Plays In Minutes

Clearly MaxDrive Reloaded is king when it comes to cloud based storing. MaxDrive Reloaded is a top class, quality software. It’s so easy to use, and the training included makes it so easy to use. I like how it’s so easy to use even if you’re not tech savy at all. I’d have to say this software is a MUST for all.

With MaxDrive Reloaded, You No Longer Need To Ever:

  • Pay $ Monthly For Expensive Hosting
  • Panic about leaking traffic – EVERYTHING is in your control!
  • You DON’T Even Require A Domain Or Website! You Can Use And Share Our Videos Without Them!
  • Worry about Your Lack of Technical or designing Skills
  • Worry about slow speed & losing valuable visitors
  • Worry about complicated & time consuming process. It’s easy 3 steps & your video is ready to publish within a minute.

Plus you’ll be getting 5 useful bonuses through this launch from Dr Amit Pareek himself (and also another 9 of my own exclusive bonuses, just continue reading😊)


Exclusive Bonus Pack from DigitalMasteryPro

If you thought MaxDrive Reloaded couldn’t get any better, I’ll be giving you some limited-time bonuses for being a fast-action taker! 

This will allow you to go from ZERO to profit as fast as possible with MaxDrive Reloaded! 

However, you must act before this offer closes. Because once it does, i can’t gurantee you if these bonuses will be available anymore.


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$1818.95 VALUE


If you get it now, you can get MaxDrive Reloaded at a low early bird price

Front-end – MaxDrive Reloaded ($47)

Looking for a solution that stores, manages and shares your files with NO delays and optimized file, MaxDrive Reloaded is right there for you. It has everything you need to captivate your audience & get your files delivered super-fast.

Excellent software that allows you to host, manage and deliver unlimited files, website images, PDF’s, audios and videos at lightning fast speed. Kudos to the team for creating a solution that can make the complete process fast & easy.

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OTO 1 – Elite Edition ($37/mo or $197 one time)

A Whopping 92% Of The MaxDrive Reloaded Members Upgraded To MaxFunnels 2.0 Elite… Here’s Why

  • Break Free & Go Limitless- Create Unlimited Subdomains/Businesses, Add Unlimited Custom Domains, Capture Unlimited Leads, Share Unlimited Files & Get Unlimited Views & Visitors, Get Unlimited Bandwidth, Create Unlimited Channels, Create Unlimited Folders & Sub Folders
  • Create UNLIMITED Custom Domains
  • Build Your Authority And Credibility
  • Share Or Publish UNLIMITED Files, Get UNLIMITED Views & UNLIMITED Visitors.
  • Create UNLIMITED – Beautiful Channels With Your LOGO to deliver your trainings, files, and documents effortlessly
  • Keep Data Separate & Secured for Your Team Members with Personal Drive for them
  • Maximize Social Traffic with Hassle-Free Social Media Sharing
  • Cutting-Edge Autoresponder Integration to Send Your Subscribers Autoresponder Sequence In Complete Automation
  • Get Your Subscribers Auto-registered for Your Webinars with Webinar Platform Integrations
  • Create UNLIMITED Businesses/Subdomains To Keep Each Of Your Own And Your Client’s Business Project SeparateAutomation
  • Capture UNLIMITED Leads To Maximize Lead Generation
  • Get UNLIMITED Bandwidth To Give Best User Experience
  • Create UNLIMITED Folders & Their Sub-Folders & Even Share Them With Your Clients Or Team Members With Folder Management Feature
  • Get Maximum Visitor Engagement with Like/Dislike Option
  • Advanced Share Page Analytics To Have Clear Insight Of What’s Working & What’s Not To Boost ROI
  • Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Customers using CRM Integrations
  • Get All These Benefits At An Unparalleled Price



OTO 2 – Enterprise Edition ($47)

  • Upload UNLIMITED sales, training, client prospecting or informative videos and capture unlimited leads & unlimited audiences without paying for hosting ever again
  • Get an Attractive Video Player Completely Customizable to Your Exact Specifications to give it Elegant Look. HLS Player is Perfectly Optimized to work on all devices & its 100% Mobile Responsive
  • Publish Your Videos Anywhere You Like! On ANY Website, Landing Page, Online Shop or Membership Site Using Just 1 Line Of Embed Code
  • You’ll get the power to give Unique Look to your videos with 5 stunning and ready-to-use fully customizable video players
  • Show your brand name or LOGO on player and present yourself as an AUTHORITY. This feature alone is a HUGE value for your business
  • Prove yourself as a PRO entrepreneur, customize color and theme of your player to give it more attractive & your brand feel
  • Cater viewers from various countries and demographic locations with the same video using subtitles
  • Customize your player with 8 attractive and eye-catchy frames & get all your visitors hooked to it
  • You also can sale, promote or collect leads directly inside the videos anywhere on internet with Done-for-You High converting Video Ads Templates
  • You will get 50+ PROVEN Converting and ready-to-use lead, promo and social ad templates with drag & drop editor to make 100s of unique video ad templates
  • Unlock our Advanced Advertisement technology for better monetization with Video Ads, Image Ads, Text ads or Even Show an Html Page Right inside videos
  • Collect almost every visitor’s contact details and sell more services, affiliate products & e-com products right inside the video and boost profits
  • Get hordes of traffic for your offers by getting your videos shared on top social media platforms with social sharing ads
  • Capture more leads & know visitor’s feedback by letting all your visitors interact on your VIDEO PAGE or channel
  • Know exactly what’s working for your videos with the POWER of deep analytics to boost your PROFITS with virtually NO extra efforts
  • Get our advanced project & campaign management system to manage everything easy & fast



OTO 3 – Agency License ($47)

This Agency Upgrade puts you on whole another level with a touch of a button and enables you to enter in $250 Billion freelancing industry.

From the lightning fast & Done-For-You software Solution To Removing Our LOGO, Complete Business Panel To Manage All Your Clients From Single Dashboard, Working In Collaboration And Adding Your Team Members To Manage Everything Easily, The Agency Upgrade Has It All.

  • Provide – High In Demand Marketing Files Hosting & Delivery Services To Your Clients With DFY Support For Our Software
  • Present Yourself As An AUTHORITY- Easily Remove Our LOGO From Your Client’s Video Trainings, Images, PDFs
  • Done-For-Your Business Management Panel – Manage All Your Clients From A Single Dashboard To Have Full Control
  • Work Collaboratively & Share Marketing Stuff With Your Team Members & Clients.
  • Fetch & Sync Valuable Data Of Your Own And Your Clients Effortlessly With Google Drive, One Drive & Dropbox Integration
  • Get Access To 100,000+ Royalty Free Stock Images & Videos to Create More Elegant & Engaging Projects For Yourself And For Your Clients.
  • Add Unlimited Team Members – Inhouse & Freelancers
  • Get Accurate Logs For Team Member’s Activities For Effective Monitoring



OTO 4 – DotcomPal Premium Membership ($27/Month or $197/year)

DotcomPal enables you to skyrocket visitor’s engagement and literally push them towards their desired marketing goals at every customer touchpoint of your journey/sales funnel to boost the conversions & sales. It increases conversions at customer touchpoints like website/shop, blog, landing pages for ads, sales pages, follow-ups and customer trainings to boost your business up to 10Xfrom same traffic!

You can boost engagement on existing sales funnels or build a high converting customer journey/Sales funnel from scratch using DotcomPal without any technical hassles. It’s fast & easy with DFY templates & hand-holding support.

  • Make Unlimited Profits – Add Unlimited Businesses
  • DotcomPal Pages
  • DotcomPal Funnels
  • DotcomPal Videos
  • DotcomPal Popups & Sticky Bars
  • DotcomPal Drag & Drop Editor
  • 300+ Battle-Tested, DFY Templates
  • DotcomPal MyDrive
  • DotcomPal Audience & Leads
  • A/B Testing
  • Precise Analytics
  • 50+ Seamless Integrations
  • Custom Domain to Intensify Your Brand Presence
  • Automatic & FREE Encryption for Security
  • Add Unlimited Team Members
  • Keep Profiting Now, Forever and Always
  • Best-in-class Premium Support
  • Regular Updates
  • Get all these benefits for 60 Months. Save HUGE 70%


In conclusion I must say if you’re someone who wants to save more budget and are looking for ways to increase your conversions, this is the best software for you. I can guarantee that this software will surely help you supercharge your loading speeds. I hope you found my review interesting and that it will help you in making the decision if this software is something you need. I wish you all the best in growing your business and for more success! If you have any questions just simply email me admin@digitalmasterypro.com 

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Normally $197

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